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Wheat Glassware

Wheat beer glasses are tall, narrow, and curvy. Wheat Ale styles naturally create enourmous heads of froth, so the mouth does not need to flare out to sustain them. Instead, the mouth of the weizen curves in to concentrate the aroma. Wheat beers often have citrus and spice flavors. The mouth is still relatively wide to ease drinking. Wheat glasses are wider and more curvy than pilsners. Wheat glasses are taller and more narrow than Irish pint glasses.

Other Names

Weizen - German for wheat.
This glass is sometimes incorrectly called a Pilsner.

Typical Sizes

14 fluid oz (410 mL)
18 fluid oz (530 mL)
24 fluid oz (700 mL)

Typical Materials

Soda Lime Glass


Average diameter, sloping inward
average diameter allows easy drinking of beer
inward slope concentrates aroma


Average diameter, tall height, S-curve shape
S-curve shape creates a pretty color gradient - lighter at the bottom and darker at the top
S-curve shape makes the glass easy and comfortable to hold onto
tall height keeps beer cold


Average diameter, thick glass bottom
average diameter provides some stability
thick glass reduces heat transfer from table
thick glass lowers center of gravity for stability


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