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Thistle Glassware

Thistle glasses may be a pint or slightly less in volume. They are classically used to serve Scottish Ale styles. Thistle glasses have the top of a pilsner design and bottom of a goblet design.

Typical Sizes

12 fluid oz (350 mL)
16 fluid oz (475 mL)

Typical Materials

Soda Lime Glass


Slightly narrow diameter, sloping outward
slightly narrow diameter slightly increases aroma perception
outward slope supports a foamy head


Average diameter, average height, S-curve shape
S-curve shape creates a pretty color gradient - lighter at the bottom and darker at the top
S-curve shape makes the glass easy and comfortable to hold onto
average height keeps beer somewhat cold


Round, stemmed
Round shape increases beer surface area, increasing heat transfer from surroundings, increasing aroma release over time
Round shape allows your hand to cup the glass and swirl beer for aroma release
stem raises center of gravity for slightly less stability
stem adds elegance/class


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