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Snifter Glassware

Snifters were designed to sip straight brandy or cognac. Their design is also good for serving strong ale and stout ale styles, which are dark or strong with complex aroma. Snifters are smaller than a standard pint glass. The short, round shape encourages heat transfer, swirling, and sipping. This is appropriate for the rich, elaborate, and potent beers. A beer served at a 50-55 F (10-13 C) temperature in a snifter will produce layers of flavor and aroma.

Typical Sizes

8 fluid oz (240 mL)
12 fluid oz (350 mL)

These glasses are small, because they are typically used to taste high strength, expensive beer.

Typical Materials

Soda Lime Glass


Narrow diameter, sloping inward
Narrow diameter encourages sipping, helpful for strong beer styles
Inward slope concentrates aroma


Wide diameter, short height, convex slope
short height increases beer surface area, increasing heat transfer from surroundings, increasing aroma release over time
convex slope creates a pretty color gradient - lighter at the sides and darker in the middle


Bulbous base increases glass-beer surface area, increasing heat transfer
Bulbous base allows you to cup hand around base to swirl and warm beer with your hands
Increases aroma release through warming
increases carbonation release through warming and swirling
Stemmed base is elegant


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