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Pilsner Glassware

Pilsners are the most tall & narrow beer glass, so they keep beer cold the longest. Pilsner glasses are designed to focus on the positive characteristics of Light Lager and Light Ale styles , light in color, high carbonation, foamy head, and subtle aroma. They can be smaller or larger in volume than the average pint glass. The walls have an overall outward slope, but the mouth can curve in or out. Pilsner glasses have stems or heavy bases to stabilize their narrow bodies.

Other Names


Typical Sizes

14 fluid oz (410 mL)
18 fluid oz (530 mL)
24 fluid oz (700 mL)

Typical Materials

Soda Lime Glass


Narrow diameter, slope varies
narrow diameter increases aroma perception
an inward sloping mouth concentrates aroma
an outward sloping mouth supports a foamy head


Narrow diameter, tall height, sloping outward
tall height keeps the beer cold, helpful for light beer styles
outward slope is easy to hold onto
outward slope supports a foamy head
outward slope creates a pretty color gradient - lighter at the bottom and darker at the top


Narrow diameter, thick glass bottom or stemmed bottom
slightly narrow diameter provides slightly less stability
thick glass reduces heat transfer from table
thick glass lowers center of gravity for stability
stem adds slight stability for narrow glass
stem adds elegance/class


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