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Mug Glassware Design

Mugs are designed for festive drinking. They are well suited for session beers like Light Ale or Light Lager styles. Mugs can have "dimples" on the outer walls, creative a pretty array of colors. Mugs have a handle like steins.

Other Names


Typical Sizes

16 fluid oz (475 L)
24 fluid oz (700 L)
33 fluid oz (1 L)

Typical Materials

Soda Lime Glass


Wide diameter, straight walls
wide diameter allows for a broad, thick, foamy head when served
wide diameter promotes easy sipping


Wide diameter, height varies, straight walls, handle
handle is easy to hold onto
dimples create a pretty array of colors


Wide diameter, thick glass bottom
wide diameter provides stability
thick glass reduces heat transfer from table
thick glass lowers center of gravity for stability


Thick walls are safe for rough handling and festive toasts
thick walls are safe for dishwashers
thick walls insulate beer, reducing heat transfer from surroundings


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