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Beer Glassware Mouth

Wide Mouths

A wide diameter mouth allows easy drinking for session beers. It is easier to spill, though. A wide diameter mouth also spreads out the soft foamy head if a beer has high carbonation.

Narrow Mouths

A narrow diameter mouth promotes sipping, which is appropriate for beers with bold flavor and aroma, or high ABV. A narrow diameter mouth concentrates aroma right at your nose.

Sloping Outward

Sloping outward increases sour flavor awareness

An outward slope contours to lips for comfortable drinking. An outward slope supports a foamy head - the glass supports the foam from underneath, so they last longer. A mouth that flares out spreads beer broadly over your tongue. This increases sour flavor awareness and decreases bitter flavor awareness.

Sloping Inward

Sloping inward increases bitter flavor awareness

An inward slope increases the aroma that you perceive. The shape concentrates the rising aroma in a small opening right at your nose. Try covering your glass with your hand, swirling your beer, and then smelling at the mouth of the glass. A mouth that flares in directs beer straight back on your tongue. This increases bitter flavor awareness and decreases sour flavor awareness.

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