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Conical Glassware Design

Conical glasses are common pint glasses to serve beer in, both at pubs and at home. They're the standard volume and height to compare other glass designs to. They are low cost and widely available.

Conical glasses present most beers adequately and keep most customers happy. Breweries and other companies print logos on them for promotions because they're very inexpensive.

Any beer that is light and delicate should be served in glassware taller and more narrow than the conical. Any beer that is dark and strong should be served in glassware shorter and wider than the conical.

Other Names

American Pint

Typical Sizes

16 fluid oz (475 mL)
24 fluid oz (700 mL)

Typical Materials

Soda Lime Glass


Average diameter, sloping outward
average diameter supports moderate drinking
outward slope supports a foamy head
outward slope causes stacking washed glasses to stick and chip the rim


Average diameter, average height, sloping outward
outward slope supports a foamy head
average height keeps beer somewhat cold
outward slope creates a pretty color gradient - lighter at the bottom and darker at the top
outward slope is easy to hold onto
light outward slope allows stacking clean glasses for concise storage


Average diameter, thick glass bottom
average diameter provides some stability
thick glass reduces heat transfer from table
thick glass lowers center of gravity for stability


Thick glass is safe for rough handling and festive toasts
Thick glass is safe for dishwashers
Thick glass reduces heat transfer from surroundings


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