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Das Boot Glassware Design

The story goes that a German general promised his troops he'd drink beer from his own boot if they were successful in battle. After victory, to fulfil his promise he had a replica of his boot crafted from glass for the celebration.

Boot beer glasses can be pretty large, usually holding one or two Liters of beer. They're a novelty meant for festive drinking session beers in social settings, particularly the German Marzenbier style.

To hold it properly, place one hand under the foot or heel, and the other hand around the ankle.

Other Names


Typical Sizes

34 fluid oz (1 L)
68 fluid oz (2 L)
17 fluid oz (500 mL)

Typical Materials

Soda Lime Glass


Wide diameter, slightly sloping inward
wide diameter allows for a broad, thick, foamy head when served
wide diameter promotes easy drinking


Wide diameter, tall height, sloping outward
outward slope supports a foamy head
tall height keeps beer very cold
outward slope creates a pretty color gradient - lighter at the bottom and darker at the top
outward slope is easy to hold onto


An actual foot for the glass to stand upright on, but usually small and not stable
The extra volume at the bottom houses a pocket of cold beer
thick glass reduces heat transfer from table
thick glass lowers center of gravity for stability


The walls are thick to reduce heat transfer from surroundings and keep hands from being too cold
The thickness is strong for festive passing

Passing the Boot

Drinking draught beer from the boot is a traditional pub table game for a group of friends. Here's one version of the game.

When the boot arrives at the table, full of beer, it gets a name. The boot is passed clockwise around the table. The person passing the boot says, "Meet [boot name]." The person receiving the boot says, "Hello [boot name]" and takes a drink. The toes of the boot always point toward the middle of the table. The boot never touches the table unless it's empty. If the person receiving the boot finishes the beer, the person who passed it to him/her must buy the next one!


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