Märzenbier Lager

An amber colored lager with average alcohol strength, malt favored over hops, medium toast, bread, graham aromas, low floral, spice aromas, medium sweet and low bitter flavors

Pronunciation (mært.zɛn)


"Märzenbier" means March beer in German. This style is traditionally brewed in the spring (perhaps in March), cold cellared during the summer, and tapped in the fall.

Other Names

Oktoberfest, Octoberfest () - An Oktoberfest is a fall festival version within the Märzen style.


Off-white head of froth
Amber or copper body color; 7-14 SRM
Brilliant Clarity

Flavor and Aroma

Malts provide medium toast, bread, graham aromas and medium sweetness
Hops provide low floral, spice aromas and low bitterness; 20-30 IBU
Water is soft


Average, typically 4.8-6.0% ABV


The Märzen style was created around 1840 AD. Until refrigeration was invented, the beer was stored in caves with blocks of ice, or in cellars, to store/age it away from heat during the summer months.

How to Brew

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