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Microbreweries are classified as breweries that produce less than 15,000 Barrels (BBLs) per year. Almost 95% of the breweries in the US are microbreweries. Batches are usually 15-25 Barrels.

Brewpubs are restaurants that have microbreweries on-site. These restaurants usually excel at pairing food and beer together. To be classified as a brewpub, at least 25% of beer sold must be through the company's restaurant(s). About 50% of microbreweries in the US are sub-classified as brewpubs. Their batches are usually 5-10 Barrels.

Craft breweries are classified as brewing companies that produce more than 15,000 Barrels (BBLs) per year. About 6% of the brewing companies in the US produce enough beer to be considered Craft. These companies may hold more than one brewery location. Batches are usually 300-500 Barrels.

Macrobreweries brew millions of barrels (BBLs) per year. They constitute only 4-5 brewing companies in the USA, and hold multiple brewery locations. They brew large batches, and may use continuous fermentation processes.

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