Beer Serving Temperature

What temperature do I serve THIS beer at?

Have you ever had the reflection that a beer got better-tasting towards the end? That may have to do with what temperature it was when you opened it, and how its flavor and aroma changed as it slowly warmed.

As a basic explanation, beers that are lighter in color and strength can be served colder, while beers that are darker and stronger can be served warmer. Colder means around 40 F (14 C) and warmer means around 50 F (32 C). English Cask Ales and beers above 10% ABV can be served at around 55 F (41 C).

The Beer Style Periodic Table is arranged so Ales / Lagers lighter in color & strength are towards the top left, and Ales / Lagers darker & stronger are towards the bottom right. You can match the above recommendation to the table: 40 F (14 C) at the top left, progressing to 50 F (41 C) at the bottom right. It is a quick way to find a serving temperature and get back to your social gathering!

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