Beer Tastings

A beer tasting is an event where multiple beers are compared and contrasted. The beers in a tasting are known as a flight. To be a genuine tasting, individuals need a method of writing about each of their beers. This might be a notepad or scoresheet. Straying away from distracting technology keeps participants engaged by the beer, and improves the tasting.

Tasting Purpose

One of the major characteristics of a tasting is its purpose.


A beer tasting can be for fun, such as annual public beer festivals, or spontaneous gatherings of acquaintances, friends, and family. The primary purpose of a fun tasting is to let individuals learn about their preferences, try new beers, and be social. Secondary purposes may be to learn about beer characteristics and to improve flavor/aroma thresholds.

A fun tasting in a casual setting

A fun tasting in a structured setting


A beer tasting can be educational, as presented in a classroom setting. The primary purpose of an educational tasting is to teach attendees about beer characteristics. Beers will be presented


A casual competition is an event where all individuals who attend the event taste the beers available and vote for their favorites. The beers that win are the most popular ones. These events can be public or private.

A structured competition is an event where professional judges sample beers that have been submitted. The beers are evaluated in different categories based on style. The beers that win are the best examples of each category, either by adhering to the ideal category perfectly or pushing it in a desirable direction.

Professional beer judges go through certification programs.

Tasting Methods

Beer tastings can be vertical or horizontal.

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