Organic Beer

The basic idea of Organic Beer is brewing beer with only natural ingredients. Natural food and beverages are viewed as more healthy than artificial and processed ones.

Beer, like other food and beverages, receives its Organic status by meeting certain requirements in the country it is for sale in. The Beer ingredients are inspected by representatives from the responsible organization. They verify the requirements are met so the Organic Certification can be used.

Organic Farming

Some countries require just the beer ingredients to be only natural. These include:
Natural Crop Protection (pesticides) for Farming
Natural Soil Fertilizer for Farming
Non-Genetically Modified Grain and Hops

Natural Additives
Natural Adjunct Flavors and Aromas
Other countries also require the Beer Processing, Packaging, and Shipping methods to be all natural.

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Organic Organizations

When a product is certified, it can then use the word Organic and the Organic logo of that organization on its product packaging as a sales mechanism.

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